Graphic + web design, front end developing, writing, photography, illustrating, playing drums.

My mindset:

Separate creating and editing

Think about the last movie you watched that you felt had no story – it is probably a result of poor balance between creativity and limitations.

Every project need goals and limitations, that's what makes creativity challenging – and fun. But starting off with too many rules or critical voices you are going to miss out on the far out ideas that can serve as bridges to the good solutions. 

Editing is key to avoid bloated results that just annoy and confuse. How many websites are dumping spaces for pointless content? The task is not to fill any given space with every idea and every cliche you can come up with, it is to serve the users while staying true to your goals.

Editing is what allows you to let go of any creative constraints. Anything goes when you know that you can be critical later. Pushing creating and editing apart helps me to keep in mind that I’m working for an audience – readers, listeners or users – and not for myself.

I'm currently


  • making a comic in Norwegian @
  • recording demos for new music projects
  • testing Affinity Designer for a couple UI projects – highly recommend giving it a try.