Web, UX/UI and digital

  • I do both design and development.
  • I always start with content, without it there is nothing to design. It should serve the users as well as making sense from a marketing standpoint.
  • I'm experienced in half a dozen CMSs, Craft CMS has become my go-to.
  • Coding: HTML, CSS/SASS, Twig, Javascript, React.


Website for Gimmestads AS. A company working with security procedures in aviation, shipping, heavy industry, healthcare, etc. The client specifically wanted Craft CMS, a great choice. I designed and developed this project in its entirety at Zoom Grafisk.

HTML CSS Javascript Craft CMS


Millasmat.com is an online cook book. I design, do web development and photograph. My wife is the chef, the researcher and the writer.

It is a website about food, not a blog. In order to differentiate, it centers around good food and thoroughly researched recipes from all over the world. It is completely free from diet fads, cheesy sponsorships and lifestyle nonsense that will never make you better at cooking.

A clear content philosophy, a flexible CMS and consistent work since 2010 has made millasmat.com number one on Google for a lot of relevant keywords, beating even the biggest brands.

Camera Affinity Designer Adobe Lightroom Adobe Photoshop HTML CSS Javascript ExpressionEngine

iTunes redesign

No app has been reimagined as much as iTunes. Not only because of its popularity, but also its lack of flexibility. Using iTunes is not a smooth experience.

Some of the features I think can improve iTunes:

  • Wireless sync to any device, because not everyone is streaming.
  • Let the user decide what to show and what to hide
  • Dark interface option
  • A more logical interface with less back and forth
  • No drop downs
Affinity Designer
iTunes redesign


The Chocolator is an ongoing JavaScript experiment that helps you calculate how many pieces of chocolate you need in your recipe.

Its usefulness may be limited, but it's fun to keep improving the code. Written initially using jQuery, but I converted it to ES6, and the next step is to convert it to a React webapp.

Affinity Designer HTML CSS Javascript

Graphic design and illustration

  • I design both digital and printed products.
  • The best work is founded on goals and priorities. When there is something to solve, measure and achieve, there is a purpose. Only then can evaluation and progress be made.
  • I also like working with content production, especially text and illustration.
  • Tools: Adobe, Affinity, pen, paper and anything else that is required to do the job.


My comic with small stories about people and their strange ways. I started out with ink, paper and Photoshop, and have gradually gone towards digital. It's now 100 percent digital using only Affinity Designer and a tablet.

It is in Norwegian, but I made a point out of having most of the text outside the pictures. Both search engine friendly and possible to translate, at your own peril. Also, as a designer/developer, I had to make it all responsive as well.

Pen Text Affinity Designer Adobe Photoshop HTML CSS Craft CMS

Lundby og Rygg logo

Logo and profile for contractors Lundby & Rygg. My job was to create what many clients want, something representing a combination of what they do. But at the same time simplify it so it doesn't look like an illustration.

I worked with Lundby & Rygg through Zoom Grafisk

Pen Adobe Illustrator
Lundby og Rygg logo

Millas Mat food icons

Website about food? Check.
Categories? Check.
Icons for every category? Check!

From time to time, since the launch in 2010, I have redesigned and tweaked the icons, along with the rest of the website. A luxury you seldom get with clients. To show the evolution and how icons make a complex website come together visually I collected the process in a separate Behance page.

Pen Adobe Illustrator
Millas Mat food icons

Girgenti's glasses

The coolest pair of glasses with just the right amount of retro. This started with pencil on paper as an exercise in drawing stylized hair. Vectorizing made me realise I had to do a certain style rather than aiming for realism.

Pen Adobe Illustrator
Girgenti's glasses

About me

H.W. Sanden
What I do
  • Design and develop websites and applications
  • Design for digital and print
  • Produce visual and written content
  • Work as a senior developer at Bring (Norwegian postal service) since 2018
Mindset and motivation
  • Taking something complex and make it useful and understandable
  • Working with goals and limitations: Combining usefulness with marketing
  • Learning new skills and gaining knowledge
  • Designer/developer at Vanberg / Zoom Grafisk 2008–2018
  • A one year course at Berghs / Westerdals, learning about the different types of work in an advertising agency, 2013
  • Freelancing designer/developer, partnering with a fellow student, 2007–2008
  • BA in graphic design and marketing from HiBu (now USN), 2009
  • BA in art and communication from NTNU, 2006

Other creative outputs

Food photography

Food photography

Photography (and photoshopping) is what led me into design. Nowadays I photograph food only. A near daily activity for the last eight years.



My music activity consists of 98 % drums, 1.4 % keys and 0.6 % bass guitar. Making music helps me improve my creative and cooperation skills, covering both improv. and teamwork.