Halvor William Sanden

Feedback in the age of pedants

When to point out mistakes

Never #

  • If it is one typo in some notes.
  • In the middle of a presentation.
  • Immediately after the presentation.
  • If your only feedback is typo based.
  • If you wouldn't have appreciated feedback at the given time.
  • If something is not finished and you have not been asked to give feedback.
  • If your feedback is feelings-based.
  • If you are trying to impress someone.
  • If the nerd alert is about to go off.

Sometimes #

  • If there is one typo multiple times.
  • If it's the one typo that always triggers you.
  • If you have been asked to give feedback and you have more than typo based feedback.
  • If the facts are wrong and you have triple checked that it is not you who are wrong or have misunderstood.

Always #

  • If your name is on it.
  • If your name is wrong.
  • And especially if both apply.